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Baby Carrier Wrap

Sustainable comfort for you and your baby

Wrap your baby in eco-friendly luxury with our Baby Carrier Wrap. Made from premium organic linen fabric, this wrap offers both sustainability and softness, ensuring your baby stays snug while keeping your hands free.

Fashionable and safe

Designed with both style and safety in mind, our Baby Carrier Wrap provides a secure fit for your baby, allowing you to explore the world together worry-free. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing quality or comfort for a gentle touch on your baby and the planet.

Perfect for sensitive skin

The organic linen fabric is ideal for babies with allergies or sensitive skin. It is antibacterial, breathable, and moisture-absorbent, keeping your baby comfortable by cooling in summer and warming in winter. Additionally, linen is biodegradable and does not pick up static.

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Benefits and uses
  • Parent-child bonding: Strengthen your connection with your baby.
  • Ideal weight distribution: Optimal comfort and healthy body alignment for mum & baby.
  • Hands-free carrying: Keep your hands free while your baby stays close.
  • Promotes settling: Helps your baby feel secure and settled.
  • Aids with reflux and digestion: Supports your baby’s digestive comfort.
  • Cognitive and emotional development: Encourages healthy development.


Safe babywearing guidelines – Please read carefully before first use!
  • View at all times: Ensure you can always see your baby’s face without adjusting the fabric.  
  • Tight fit: The carrier should hold your baby snugly against your body for comfort and safety.  
  • Keep close: Maintain a close distance between your baby and your chin, enabling you to easily kiss their head.  
  • Supported back: Ensure your baby’s back is supported, maintaining a natural position and preventing slumping.  
  • Chin off chest: Avoid situations where your baby’s chin is pressed against their chest, which can restrict breathing.  

Test for Safety: Place a hand on your baby’s back and press gently. Your baby should not uncurl or move closer to you.


Signs to watch for – Please remove carrier wrap immediately or reposition your baby
  • Face covered or chin tucked
  • Head turned to the side
  • Curled into a ‘C’ position
  • Grunting, wheezing, whistling breaths
  • Laboured or rapid breathing
  • Dusky or ‘blue’ tinge on the skin
  • Fussiness, restlessness, or squirming


Important reminders
  • Never shake, bounce, or run while your baby is in the carrier wrap.
  • Do not use the wrap in the car.
  • Only use the carrier wrap if your baby is the appropriate age and size.
  • Do not cook food while wearing the wrap.
  • Regularly check the wrap (fabric & seams).
  • Do not put any loose items in the wrap that your baby could choke on or be poked with.
  • Constantly observe your baby, checking position and airflow.
  • Protect your baby from the elements (remember sunscreen in summer).


Care instructions

To ensure your Baby Carrier Wrap stays beautiful, follow these washing recommendations:

  • Gentle cold machine wash
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals

Embrace the comfort, safety, and sustainability of our Baby Carrier Wrap for a nurturing experience for both you and your baby.


Size & weight

Approx. 600cm x 60cm, approx. 0.5kg

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 600 × 60 cm

Cinnamon Brown, Rose Blush, Sage Green


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Handmade with love in Canterbury, New Zealand

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