Travelfox Zen

Our Philosophy

A new sense of well-being

Hi there! We are Angela & Jann, founders of Travelfox Zen.

Established in 2021 as our expression of mindful rituals & goals, Travelfox Zen brings a new sense of well-being to you and your home.
Our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience nurturing your body and soul, which leads to enhanced well-being, happiness, calmness and empowers you to be in the present.
The considered collection of products are engineered to guide you on your own wellness journey. Angela’s background lies in design, movement & health, which has been the foundation of Travelfox Zen.

Some years back, Angela introduced Meditation, Yoga & Pilates into our lives and we both instantly felt the benefits of mindful breathing & exercising. Over time we learnt that every body is different and therefore requires individual support during everyday tasks, pregnancy, rehabilitation or even for exercises and practices. Since we both are passionate about creating, crafting and manufacturing, making products that have a positive impact on everyone’s life came very naturally – And was the birthing hour of our Well-Being Cushions.
The heart of Travelfox Zen is reflected in everything we do and strive for – Living with compassion, kindness and empathy as well as being environmentally sustainable and assisting people and animals to improve their lives.

During the creation process of our Well-Being Cushions we laid great emphasis on sustainability, being genuine and are constantly striving for ways to improve our processes and material selections for our product line – Which enables you to make great choices for yourself, your home and our planet.
We carry this mindset into all aspects, from plant based materials & compositions to eco friendly packaging, minimising waste and promoting a toxic free lifestyle. Currently we are working towards using only sustainable energy for manufacturing our products to further decrease our ecological footprint.

All collections are handmade in our studio in Canterbury, utilising finest natural materials from local, national & global artisans.

Well-Being & Self Care has become a great part of our lives and we are excited to share & enjoy this lifestyle with everyone – Be part of it and start your well-being journey with us today!

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